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Rent Mother Nature is gift program that connects consumers with American family farms, wherein farm fresh products are delivered directly to the gift recipient’s door at harvest time.  We have been doing it for over 40 years with a variety of crops
The other day a woman called us to place an order for a Rent Mother Nature maple tree lease. She had the seen the ad in last year’s Yankee magazine. Although she had already finished her Christmas shopping when she saw the ad last year she liked the idea of a maple tree lease so much that she saved the ad to use this year as a Christmas gift for her daughter. She couldn’t find the ad that she had saved all those months ago when she wanted to place her order, but has an excellent memory despite her age.

She cheerfully told me, while I was taking her order, that she was 103 years old. We have trees that old and may just tap one for her.

She also told me that she had solved the problem of not having our ad by calling Yankee magazine to get our phone number. I tried to amuse her by saying that was a good example of Yankee ingenuity.

When I told her that I had 2 relatives who were in their 90s, she laughed and said she was no longer impressed by nonagenarians.

I had some difficulty spelling the odd-sounding Pennsylvania town she lived in. Then she had some trouble reading her credit card number because she had just got a new pair of glasses that she wasn’t used to. After a few attempts we were able to solve these problems together. We arranged to have the maple lease documents mailed to her so that she could present them to her daughter at their Christmas family gathering.

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