Rave Reviews for Snookums!

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We were udderly delighted to read this article from author Jerry Zezima.  Jerry bought a cow lease for his family in October and has already been able to enjoy the delicious cheese from our Jersey cow, Snookums. Here is an excerpt from the article:

I have never been a big cheese, even in my own house, but my house is now home to a big cheese — a box of Vermont cheddar — which recently arrived on my doorstep thanks to a lovely lady with big brown eyes, long lashes and a beefy figure.
She is none other than Snookums the cow.
I learned about Snookums after seeing an ad in the Old Farmer’s Almanac for a Massachusetts company called Rent Mother Nature, which allows humans to lease sheep, goats and, of course, cows and buy the wool blanket or the cheese that a chosen animal helps to produce.

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