Lease a Pecan Tree

Send a friend a gift of pecans from their own pecan tree on a Georgia family farm.


(5 customer reviews)

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2 lbs. of shelled pecans

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* Orders placed after the delivery time for this year will receive next year's Harvest.

Fun Fact

A study, conducted at the Center for Cellular Neurobiology at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, suggests that adding pecans to your diet may delay the progression of ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Treat a friend to pecans from their own pecan tree on a Georgia family farm. These majestic trees, after years of cross-breeding, produce pecans with 50% more nutmeat than uncultivated trees. We guarantee at least 2 pounds of natural, fresh pecans, hand-selected for superior flavor & texture.

New!  FREE Action Photo included with one of the progress reports.

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Additional Information

Nestled in the backwater plains of Georgia is a superb grove of pecan trees that has been part of a family farm since 1870. After years of cross-breeding the best of the native pecans, this orchard has developed its own species to produce 50% more nutmeat than non-cultivated varieties. Each mammoth pecan is hand-selected for top-notch flavor, freshness and texture.

  • Rent a pecan tree for someone who would like pecans from their own tree.
  • The Lease Document is calligraphed with the recipient’s name, and comes with an Announcement Card explaining the program. Periodic Progress Reports provide facts, anecdotes and folklore about the grove.
  • We do all the work and you get all the raves (while helping support America’s family farms).

5 reviews for Pecan Tree

  1. Sandra Carr

    Last Christmas I sent all my gifts from Rent Mother Nature and my friends and family were all delighted with their leases and farm products.
    Luckily for me, someone was kind enough to send ME a peach tree branch. The peaches were luscious. I refuse to eat peaches from stores, even though they are my favorite fruit. Why be disappointed? But Rent Mother Nature’s peaches did not disappoint at all! And one person I’d sent a lease to told me they filled the room with a delicious fragrance and tasted great.
    I am now sold on Rent Mother Nature as an easy and small-farm-supportive way to find gifts people will definitely use and love.

  2. Jim Katz

    We loved this gift! Very clever. Save the trees!

  3. Jane Grey

    This is a wonderful gift. I’ll be using the pecans all year long.

  4. Rick O’leary

    We enjoyed the picture and updates that were mailed to us. When the fruit arrived, we found it great!

  5. Paul Rabwin

    I love you guys…we’ve already given out a couple  of “lease gifts” ourselves. SOOOOOO much better than naming a star after someone, yes?!!

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