Lease a Oyster Bed

Give the gift of an Oyster bed from the cold, pristine waters of Washington’s Puget Sound.


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Puget Sound (WA)

Harvest Time *

Year round. Delivery timing is up to the recipient.

Guaranteed Minimum Yield

4 dozen oysters

Progress Reports

Fun Fact

“The world is your oyster” is a quote from Shakespeare’s “The Merry Wives of Windsor”.

Leaseholders receive four dozen pure, fresh & delicious oysters flown straight to their door from their own Oyster bed in the cold, pristine waters of Washington’s Puget Sound -a true gourmet experience. Pacific oysters, renowned for their pungent, ocean-y taste, are the most coveted oysters in the world.
Oyster Leases may be redeemed for up to 5 years from the date issued.
Sorry, oysters can’t be shipped to Hawaii or Alaska

New!  FREE Action Photo included with one of the progress reports.

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Rent Mother Nature provides only the freshest products. For products other than cow, goat, lobster or oyster leases, orders placed after the harvest for the current calendar year will receive next year's harvest.

Note: If the date chosen would come after the harvest date, we suggest that you do not choose this option. Otherwise, your recipient could receive the harvest prior to receiving the lease!
Feel free to use this option when ordering cow, goat, lobster or oyster leases.

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Tucked away on Washington State’s Pacific Coast are the cold, pure, pristine waters of Puget Sound’s bays. These protected inlets, with their constant, rich supply of plankton and shallow, warm water conditions, are a veritable “oyster heaven”, assuring you of pure, fresh, and delicious oysters, flown straight to your door for a true gourmet experience anytime.

The Pacific oyster’s pungent, ocean-y taste is why it is the most coveted oyster in the world.

The Oyster Lease yields 4-dozen three-year-old oysters that are delivered by air (recipes and shucking instructions are included). To heighten anticipation, gift recipients will receive a progress report (newsletter) informing them about conditions in the Northwest bays and the hard work involved in protecting this natural resource, as well as some practical advice on the preparation of oysters (and some impractical advice from Lewis Carroll).

The personalized lease documents include instructions about how your recipient can use our website to arrange the delivery of their oysters.
Oyster Leases may be redeemed for up to 5 years from the date issued.

We do all the work and you get all the raves (while helping support America’s oyster farms).

2 reviews for Oyster Bed

  1. Mindy gottschalk

    Thank you for wonderfully fresh and delicious oysters!

  2. Deb Molinovsky

    The oysters were excellent, arrived on schedule, and were a wonderful addition to my party.

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