Lease a Honey Tangerine Tree

Treat a friend to premium honey tangerines from their own honey tangerine tree from the Indian River region of Florida.


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Indian River (FL)

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Tree Lease: 12 tangerines

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* Orders placed after the delivery time for this year will receive next year's Harvest.

Fun Fact

The carotene in the honey tangerine converts to Vitamin A, which is an excellent help in night vision. It also wards off bacterial infections and is necessary for proper bone and teeth development. On top of that, it’s an antioxidant!

Treat a friend to the harvest from their own honey tangerine tree, which stands in a small grove within the famous Indian River region of Florida.

Unbeatable in taste and ever so sweet & juicy, these premium honey tangerines are hand-picked & shipped at the peak of their tree-ripened, in-season perfection. Sorry, Florida Citrus can’t be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii.

New!  FREE Action Photo included with one of the progress reports.

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Rent Mother Nature provides only the freshest products. For products other than cow, goat, lobster or oyster leases, orders placed after the harvest for the current calendar year will receive next year's harvest.

Note: If the date chosen would come after the harvest date, we suggest that you do not choose this option. Otherwise, your recipient could receive the harvest prior to receiving the lease!
Feel free to use this option when ordering cow, goat, lobster or oyster leases.

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Share in the harvest of Honey tangerine! Tree-ripened, hand-selected & shipped at the peak of perfection. Unbeatable in taste and ever so sweet & juicy. The grove is located in the famous Indian River region of Florida, noted for its ideal climate for growing the best citrus fruit.

  • Rent a Honey tangerine tree for someone who would enjoy a Honey tangerine from their own tree.
  • The Lease Document is calligraphed with your recipient’s name, and comes with an Announcement Card explaining the program. Periodic Progress Reports provide facts, anecdotes and folklore about the grove. We can even send a photograph of the tree “hard at work” at blossom time.
  • A relatively new variety of Florida citrus is the Honey Tangerine! Being as sweet as honey and full of vitamin C, demand has always outstripped supply. You can reserve one of these special trees for yourself or as a gift, and bring Florida to your (or your recipient’s) door.

We do all the work and you get all the raves (while helping support America’s family farms).

1 review for Honey Tangerine Tree

  1. Kathy Sinclair

    These were the sweetest tangerines I ever tasted. Keep up the good work.

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