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Can’t decide? Let your recipient choose their own gift from our wide range of leases, gift baskets, & food items.

A Rent Mother Nature Gift Certificate is guaranteed to satisfy your discriminating gift recipient by allowing them to choose among our offerings of maple syrup, farm fresh food gifts, pistachios, Fair Trade organic coffee, cheddar cheese and much, much more. [Gift Certificates are valid for 7 years from date of purchase.]

$50 Gift Certificate
$75 Gift Certificate
$100 Gift Certificate
    • There is an option on the checkout page to have the lease documents (& basket, if ordered) sent to your address so you can present them in person. Progress reports & harvest will be sent to recipients.

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The gift certificate is valid for seven years.

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$100 Gift Certificate, $50 Gift Certificate, $75 Gift Certificate

5 reviews for Gift Certificate

  1. Virginia Coughlin

    This experience made my birthday WONDERFUL!

  2. John B.

    Great Gift Idea!

  3. Greg Bernard

    Just the ticket!

  4. Jeanine Kadrie

    My brother bought me a gift certificate for my birthday from Rent Mother Nature. I had never heard of your company and was so excited to see so many choices from a really cool gift. I had some difficulty in utilizing the gift certificate online so I reached out via phone. I was greeted by a very friendly and helpful voice who had me up and ordering in minutes!

    I selected to rent a cow! I received my cheddar cheese in November and was blessed to be able to share it with friends and family over the holidays. It was DELICIOUS! Not only was this gift cool, but I love the way it supports local farmers: and the quality of the product and the customer service was perfection on top of it.
    Thank you to everyone at Rent Mother Nature, and to my brother Bob, for one of the most awesome birthday gifts ever!

  5. Nancy6356

    I could not have been more pleased with my Cow Lease.. the cheddar cheese was amazing! Shared it with a few friends and they too were amazed.. will be ordering theirs as well! I am so proud to be supporting small/local farmers ❤️

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