Lease a Fair Trade Coffee Tree

Give your coffee lover friend the gift of aromatic coffee beans from their own tree from the mountains of Nicaragua.


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2 pounds

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* Orders placed after the delivery time for this year will receive next year's Harvest.

Fun Fact

Most varieties of coffee, including all heirloom varieties, are naturally intolerant of direct sunlight. So, the best way to grow great coffee is to plant the trees within an existing forest canopy.

Lease a Fair Trade Coffee Tree for a friend who won’t be “seen without their caffeine”! They will receive a blend of dark and medium roasted, 100% organically grown, aromatic coffee beans from the mountains of Nicaragua. Our farmers are paid a premium so that we can offer you the “cream of the crop”.

New!  FREE Action Photo included with one of the progress reports.

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$ 69.95

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Additional Information

Give someone Fair Trade coffee beans grown in Nicaragua.

  • The gourmet coffee beans are certified organic and kosher.
  • The taste and aroma are exquisite.
  • Fair Trade encourages & teaches ecologically-sound methods of agriculture.
  • You are helping some of the poorest farmers in the world double their standard of living.

The gift starts with a personalized, parchment Lease Document and Announcement Folder, followed by Progress Reports that will glow with local color, describing the elaborate ritual involved in making your gift recipient’s coffee beans- the long journey from the mountains to their cup.

Coffee Leases cover more than one tree, since a single tree will yield only enough for one pound of finished coffee beans.

5 reviews for Fair Trade Coffee Tree

  1. Ellie Merrell

    I was gifted the 2021 Two Tree Coffee Rental Plan ~ a 2 lb bag of organic Fair Trade Coffee Beans (medium-roast). This coffee is the best coffee I’ve ever had. The flavor is exceptional. I am so grateful for such a thoughtful birthday gift from my dear friends Michelle and Jud. The only problem is that it’s hard to enjoy any other coffee. I’ve become a snob!

  2. Nancy Lee

    In my opinion, the coffee is really better than the Starbucks breakfast blend…I’m sure Starbucks would not like to hear that!

  3. Carol Czaja

    I am so excited about your website and the wonderful gift alternatives provided by Rent Mother Nature. This is now going to be one of my “go to” gift sites for adult and child birthdays and special events. My (adult) son loved his coffee lease.

  4. Peggy Ronzoni

    The coffee is GREAT, the cause is good, and the gift is fun.

  5. Celia Lewis

    This is one of the greatest gifts. The coffee is the best I have ever tasted. A wonderful experience!

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