Lease a Fair Trade Cocoa Tree

Protect the Rainforest of Costa Rica & support a farmer’s cooperative.


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Costa Rica

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Tree: 3 lbs
Branch: 1.5 lbs

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* Orders placed after the delivery time for this year will receive next year's Harvest.

Fun Fact

Cocoa was revered by Mayans and was considered a food of the gods. This is how the cocoa tree got its scientific name theobroma cacao, from the Greek words “theo” (god) and “broma” (food).

Giving a friend the harvest from their own Fair Trade cocoa tree will help protect the Rainforest of Costa Rica & support a farmer’s cooperative. This 100% organic, naturally processed cocoa has a smoother taste, lighter color & more refined aroma than commercial-grade cocoa. Choose cocoa (hot chocolate) or, for the chef or Vegan in your life, baker’s cocoa (no sugar or milk).

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Rent Mother Nature provides only the freshest products. For products other than cow, goat, lobster or oyster leases, orders placed after the harvest for the current calendar year will receive next year's harvest.

Note: If the date chosen would come after the harvest date, we suggest that you do not choose this option. Otherwise, your recipient could receive the harvest prior to receiving the lease!
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Your 100% organic cocoa will also be naturally processed so that it has a smoother taste, lighter color and more refined aroma than commercial-grade cocoa. Because most of us only know chocolate that is packed with sugar, this organic cocoa is a taste revelation. Cocoa from Costa Rica has a distinctively chocolate flavor, with a floral bouquet. Choose Baker’s cocoa if you don’t want any organic sugar or dry milk added.

Cacao, the fruit from which chocolate is made, is the ideal agricultural commodity for the rainforest because it depends on the rainforest canopy for its survival!

The Rent Mother Nature Fair Trade Cocoa Lease meets the highest standards for social and environmental responsibility. The farmers receive fair compensation to support their families and communities and incentives to work their land wisely, while you enjoy this delicious product and help protect the rainforest of Costa Rica.

We do all the work and you get all the raves (while helping support sustainable agriculture).

2 reviews for Fair Trade Cocoa Tree

  1. Judy Bennett

    This is one of the greatest gifts. The cocoa is the best I have ever tasted. A perfect experience!

  2. Kathleen Jacecko

    Wonderful! Thank you for getting this out to me so quickly. I’m thrilled to have discovered Rent Mother Nature and will be purchasing more in the future, and I also just posted a shout out to you on my Facebook page, “TeachingGreen”.

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