Harvest Time
When recipient requests delivery
Guaranteed Minimum Yield
Three 8 oz. bars of Cheddar cheese.
Progress Reports

Rent a 2023 Cow!

(12 customer reviews)


Surprise someone with the rental of a Vermont dairy cow for superior cheddar cheese from an animal they will be on a first-name basis with. The high butterfat content of the milk from their pampered toast-colored, soft-eyed, long-lashed Jersey cow ensures delivery of a rich, smooth, hand-made cheese.

Cow Lease
    • There is an option on the checkout page to have the lease documents (& basket, if ordered) sent to your address so you can present them in person. Progress reports & harvest will be sent to recipients.

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Buy A Basket And Get A Free Photo.


On a picture-perfect Vermont hillside, complete with red barns and a 150-year-old stone farmhouse, a small family farm makes the finest farmstead cheddar cheese, just for you and your gift recipient!

  • Our cows are fed only fresh hay, grain, and pasturage since any cheese is only as good as the milk that goes into it.
  • No BST or other chemicals are ever used.
  • Your cow  spends time outside every day, unlike those cooped up in a modern “factory farm.”
  • The high butterfat content of the milk from your pampered toast-colored, soft-eyed, long-lashed Jersey cow ensures a rich, smooth cheese.

Progress Reports will tell recipients about the fine art of cheese-making, farm life, and all the moos that’s fit to print about the herd. And, if you like, we can take a photo of their cow to add to the family album!

We do all the work and you get all the raves (while helping support America’s family farms).

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Lease Type

Cow Lease

12 reviews for Cow

  1. Margaret Murphy

    I just received my cheddar cheese this morning and couldn’t wait to open the box.  It is absolutely delicious. I have already told several friends about Rent Mother Nature and won’t hesitate to inform more people. You should be very proud to be with such a high quality business in this day and age.

  2. Alicia Wheeler

    Snookum’s cheese was delicious! This is a great idea. We are happy to help support a non-factory farm. The wonderful photo of Snookums was a high point of this fun gift for my recipients.

  3. Sarah Zagar

    We received a cow lease as a wedding gift last year from a friend, and I’m so happy to be
    able to give this same creative, delightful gift to my mother-in-law. I just wanted to take a
    moment to say that I LOVE your company’s concept and that the cheddar we received was the best
    I’ve ever tasted. -Your raving fan.

  4. David White

    I discovered Rent Mother Nature in a blog post while searching for interesting gifts to give to a family member. First and foremost, customer service and response to my inquiries was top notch and above and beyond what people expect these days. It was personal, detailed and made my buying esperience great. Once I received the order (cow lease and gift basket), the display of the basket and all the paperwork is brilliant. Well worth the $$ and I’m absolutely certain that my sister-in-law is going to love it! Thank you Rent Mother Nature!

  5. Deanne Pennington

    My mother-in-law got this for our 13 year-old daughter for Christmas.  AWESOME!!!!  The cheese arrived yesterday and we used it on tacos.  It was fabulous. The greatest thing about it is when our daughter wants a snack she says she can have “her” cheese from Angel Face.  Loved the picture, the letters, the history.

  6. Ginna Vogt

    Last Christmas I sent all my gifts from Rent Mother Nature and my friends and family were all delighted with their leases and farm products.
    I had sent my step-daughter in CA these cheeses as a taste of home thinking she would include them in her holiday feasts, but she said they were too good to share and ate them entirely herself!
    I am now sold on Rent Mother Nature as an easy and small-farm-supportive way to find gifts people will definitely use and love.

  7. Marcia Hebert

    For my 50th birthday, last year, my husband gave me a sheep lease. I loved the updates and pictures and my blanket is wonderful. For this past Christmas, I gave him an apple tree and the apples just arrived, fresh and crisp and juicy. Now I think I will give him a cow, or maybe a cocoa tree!

  8. M. Melito

    I absolutely love this! Last year I got my hundred year old grandpa a chocolate cow for Christmas and he loved it! It’s a family tradition to buy everyone a cow and we all try each others cheese! This is such a great idea and I think that everyone should rent a cow!

  9. Faith Kuczaj

    I wanted to take a moment and share how absolutely thrilled our Cow Lease recipients were with their gift. Much more so than from any other holiday gift that we have ever sent.
    Some of their comments included “udderly unique”, “creative”, “imaginative”, and “sustainable”.

  10. Pamela Huber

    I rented a cow for my husband in honor of our anniversary, and he was thrilled! I ordered the cheese for his birthday and it arrived right on time. It was delicious! This gift idea was a big hit on both occasions. Thank you for your help!

  11. Patricia Valk

    What a wonderful idea this is! We ordered the cow rental and were excited to choose which cow our cheese would come from. We chose Talulah and she did not disappoint. The cheese was perfection..smooth and not too sharp and very flavorful. The picture of Talulah in her pasture is posted on our bulletin board as a reminder to order again, once we have eaten our way through what we have. Perhaps, we will order another as a Christmas gift.

  12. Elizabeth Ogden

    This is the best gift I have ever received. Awesome. This has been a harsh year and this gift gave me such joy. Received from my daughter.

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