Pure Maple Syrup

Fill your pantry with Rent Mother Nature’s real old-fashioned maple syrup. Our Grade A, Medium Amber maple syrup is made the old-fashioned way over blazing wood fires! Thicker and richer than USDA requirements, this syrup is 100% pure & natural -superb quality & good solid value. Order yours today!

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1/2 Gallon Maple Syrup ($39.95 )  

Quart Maple Syrup ($24.95 )  

Pint Maple Syrup ($14.95 )  

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Pure Honey By the Pound

Fill your pantry with a variety of New England all-natural honey (16 oz. jars) fresh from our hives.
We strategically place our honey hives among wild berry and herb patches so the bees produce blossom-specific honeys. These superlative raw honeys, with distinctive flavors, have all their nutrients intact.

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Honey (3 Jars) ($29.95 )  

Honey (4 Jars) ($34.95 )  

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Rent a 2017 Maple Tree!

A gift of a Sugar Maple Lease which provides 100% natural organic maple syrup, will delight your recipients all year long!

  • First comes the handsome, personalized lease document, a reproduction of an 1890 U.S. Treasury “License for Sugar Producer,” printed on parchment and embossed with a gold seal.
  • Then, three lively newsletters will keep lessees updated on the activities of the sugaring crew as it snowshoes its way about the sugarbush (a mite less gracefully during the “mud season”). Maple sap is collected by connecting trees with environmentally benign tubing so that the clear, cold sap flows directly to the sugarhouse, where – without using any chemical anti-foaming agents – we boil it down using a blazing wood fire (no petroleum fumes pollute our mountain air).
  • Transforming raw sap to syrup takes dedication, snowy walks, muscle, fire and patience. It’s a slow process to boil down 40 plus gallons of sap into one gallon of pure wood-fired syrup (talk about reducing a sauce!).
  • We do all the work and you get all the raves (while helping support America’s family farms).


A Sugar Maple Tree Lease is a delightfully different gift for anyone on your gift-giving list. Their tree produces delicious 100% natural and organic maple syrup made using the most environmentally-safe methods -no formaldehyde pellets in our trees, no anti-foaming chemicals in our boiling vat, and no petroleum fumes in our mountain air.

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Maple Tree Lease ( was $74.95 ) $69.95  

Maple Bucket Lease ($59.95 )  

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Rent a 2017 Honey Hive!

Honey-making is a season-long job for bees and beekeepers. These flower-specific honeys have a fragrance and taste distinct to each delicious honey. We garner the different honeys at precise intervals to avoid the mixture of floral combinations. The result? Pure, 100% natural honey straight from the hive: Rich in texture, uncooked, unfiltered & with all its nutrients intact. Lots of work (just ask the bees!), but the results are worth it!

Honey is shipped as it’s garnered:

  • Blueberry in June
  • Raspberry in July
  • Wildflower in August
  • Cranberry in Sept.
  • Rent a Honey hive for someone who would enjoy Honey from their own hive.
  • The Lease Document is calligraphed with your recipient’s name, and comes with an Announcement Card explaining the program. Periodic Progress Reports provide facts, anecdotes and folklore about the hive. We can even send a photograph of the hive “hard at work”.
  • We do all the work and you get all the raves (while helping support America’s family farms).

Give a friend honey from their own hive or hives. Choose from our 4 (Raspberry, Blueberry, Cranberry & Wildflower) delicious “flower-specific” honeys – each with a delicate, yet distinctive, fragrance, color, & taste. These pure, 100% natural honeys, straight from New England honey hives, are uncooked, unfiltered, & all of their nutrients are intact!

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Blueberry Honey Lease ($39.95 )  

Cranberry Honey Lease ($39.95 )  

Raspberry Honey Lease ($39.95 )  

Wildflower Honey Lease ($39.95 )  

Wildflower & Cranberry Honey Lease ($69.95 )  

Raspberry & Blueberry Honey Lease ($69.95 )  

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