About Our Products
Q: How do I locate a display of all your lease items?
A: Click here..
Q: What is a lease?
A: A lease is an agreement between Rent Mother Nature® & lessee (lease-holder), guaranteeing a share of one harvest for one season.
Q: What is included in a ‘Lease’ gift?
A: The Leases include:
-A beautifully designed (10.5″ X 9.5″) parchment document that is personalized and embossed with a gold seal.
-An announcement folder that describes the many benefits of your ongoing gift.
-Your gift message & a brief description of the upcoming harvest printed on adhesive paper that can be applied to the back of a lease.
-Entertaining & informative progress reports (& an optional photo) to keep them up-to-date on the harvest as it is nurtured.
Upon completion of the harvest, your recipient’s fresh & natural gift is delivered to their door.

Satisfaction & bountiful yields are 100% guaranteed!

Q: How long does it take to prepare & mail a lease document?
A: The lease document will be mailed one business day after you place your order.
Q: Are Lease items still available after the crops have been harvested?
A: We do have some leases, cow, goat, lobster & oyster, that are available year-round (your recipient tells us when to deliver the harvest). Our coffee harvest is also available after the “harvest date”. With our other leases, once the harvest date is past, we can send a next-year lease document now, and then send the progress reports and harvest next season.
Q: How do I redeem a cow, goat, lobster or oyster lease?
A: Contact us by email to schedule delivery of your cheese or seafood (please include your lease number and address). You can also click on the Redeem Cheese Or Seafood Icon at top of home page.
Q: Is the cheese all delivered in one shipment?
A: Yes, Chèvre will keep for at least a month when refrigerated and Cheddar lasts for months.
Q: How long will gift baskets items remain fresh?
A: If individually refrigerated, all basket components will be good for, at least, 6 months (cheddar cheese). Condiments, etc. have a shelf-life of, at least, 9 months.
Q: Are harvests all delivered in one shipment?
A: Yes.
About Ordering
Q: Can I have the lease sent to me for presentation?
A: Yes, you can choose to have the Lease sent to you. The progress reports and the harvest will be sent, at later dates, to your recipient. [Use the radio button on the checkout page to choose this option.]

Q: Can I order early for Christmas delivery without spoiling the surprise?

A: Yes. Use the radio button “Ship for Christmas (12/5)” on the checkout page to choose this option.

Q: Can I send a personalized message with my gift?
A: Yes, all our gifts are sent with the gift message you request. This message can be entered online (150 maximum characters) or when placing a phone order.
Q: What is your guarantee policy?
A: All Rent Mother Nature® Leases and our carefully chosen gift items are guaranteed to delight both you and your gift recipients. If, for any reason, we do not meet your expectations we will promptly replace your purchase or refund your money.
Q: If I have more than 20 recipients can I still use your web site?
A: Yes, but you will find it easier to email us any large orders. Call (800) 232-4048 to give us your billing name and credit card information.
Q: What is your discount policy?
A: Our corporate gifts page lists all of our products grouped by price range. Orders of $1000 or more… receive a discount of 10% on cost of product.
Q: What are your hours of operation?
A: 9 to 5 (EST). If you send us an email we will always reply within 24 hours. We will also reply promptly to phone messages.
Q: Why do you need recipient’s address when I request that the lease be sent to me?
A: This allows us to send your recipient(s) their progress reports and harvests.
Q: What happens if the crop fails?
A: This hasn’t happened yet. If it were to happen, we would offer you 3 options: A full refund; a roll-over to next year’s crop; or your choice (or your recipient’s) of an equivalent, available crop.
Q: Why do you ask for email addresses?
A: To contact customers quickly, to confirm orders, and to provide shipment tracking numbers.
Q: Do you sell or rent our names?
A: No. See our Legal Policy.
Q: Do you ship outside the U.S.?
A: No.
 About Our Farmers
Q: Can I visit my farm?
A: Unfortunately, our farmers are not allowing visitors during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Our dairy farms have additional concerns about introducing germs into the animals’ environments, as well as insurance liability issues.
Q: How does Rent Mother Nature® benefit farmers?
A: We give them business that they can’t get by themselves. Our web site provides them access to a new niche market (consumers who are concerned about protecting the environment and care about how their food is grown) that rewards small family farms that practice natural, chemical-free, sustainable agriculture.
Q: How does Rent Mother Nature® benefit the environment?

A: We help protect the environment by working with farmers who use natural, sustainable, and chemical-free methods of agriculture succeed in the marketplace. [See previous question] If you have questions or concerns that we have not answered about our products, your order(s), or anything else that we can help you with, feel free to contact Rent Mother Nature®.