Goat Lease Newsletter

Although our goats are of French Alpine stock, they were born in the Berkshires in a small village. Their accents are more New England than Paris and they are completely at home frolicking in the well-tended fields of their farm. They are short haired goats, medium to large-sized, sober-faced with “Roman” noses and the only […]

Cow Lease Newsletter

Crumpet, one of the Jersey cows whose rich milk will be used to make your cheddar cheese is a beauty, as are all our Jerseys. Crumpet has a warm brown ‘complexion’. She has large, soft eyes and flirty, long eyelashes. Her personality could best be described as placid. She does not seem to be in […]

Peach Tree Lease Progress Report

Rent Mother Nature’s peach growers told us that this year’s crop is looking great -Georgia’s sunny weather helps the ripening process along in fine style! As we repeat in so many reports, there is a good reason for tree-ripened produce to be prized. The longer a peach remains on the tree the more acid turns to […]

Pecan tree lease

Rent Mother Nature’s pecan grower tells us that the outer hull of your pecans are drying and just now beginning to crack.  They will stay on the tree in that condition until the hull becomes completely dry.  Then, they begin to fall to the ground.  Of course, once they begin to fall, our growers along with […]

Wildflower Honey Hive Report

The beekeepers at Rent Mother Nature had all kinds of weather this spring–cold, cool, hot, warm, some bursts of rain– but now that summer is here, it is mostly warm with some cool days. The bees seem to have taken it all in stride and are busy now pollinating, gathering nectar, and making honey. The little creatures […]

Virtual Farmer’s Markets

Today’s small family farmers and ranchers are Rent Mother Nature‘s pioneers on the front lines of the “green” revolution. They all share one thing: They understand the grace Mother Earth bestows upon us in the bounty of her fields, forests, and seas. Some of these new pioneers were born to farming, some have chosen this life […]

2019 Mineola Tangelos

Mother Nature was good to us this season with ample rainfall and very little irrigation needed during last summer. The quality of the fruit appears to be outstanding. The Mineola Tangelo -AKA the honeybell- is known for its sweetness and shape–a cross between a Duncan Grapefruit and a Dancy Tangerine. In 1931, three gentlemen named […]

Maple Syrup Harvest

2018 seems to be another year of extremes. We (Rent Mother Nature) had a day in January that was 30F below zero with wind chills taking it down to minus 50, followed by several days in a row well above freezing and melting most all the snow (not a good situation). Sap began to flow […]

2019 Coffee Bean Harvest

We, at Rent Mother Nature, are proud to be working with a family-owned farm in the high mountains of Jinotega, Nicaragua that produces some of the finest coffee beans grown using the most sustainable methods. When one first sees a coffee tree, it is hard to understand how those bright red beans (called cherries) can morph into […]